PDNS manager has a very basic concept of users with two permission levels.

Add a user

Obviously, to add a new user, you need to be logged in as administrator.

In the main menu, click Users and in the now opening window, click Add user.

Enter a username and password and repeat the latter. Finally, you can choose whether the new user has administrative privileges or is just a user.

Confirm your inputs and click Save. You get redirected to the edit page for the new user. Here, you can make your edits as described in the next paragraph.

Edit a user

To edit an existing user click on Users in the main menu bar. Click on the user you want to edit.

In the following dialog you can change basic data of the user, such as username, password and type of the account. This should be self-explanatory.

Add permissions

To add permission for a new domain to the user, begin to type the name of the domain you wish to add into the searchfield in the permissions area. You will get a selection with all domains matching your search that are currently not assigned to the user. Click on the one you want to add. If you want to, you can repeat that step for more domains.


Remove permissions

To remove a permission for a domain from the user simply click on the X symbol next to the domain name and the permission gets removed.